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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  May 7, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> amend the kelly and brendan colliflower were on top of the world "saturday night live" -- samantha kelly was the best tennis player at williamsport high. they -- were on top of the world saturday night. they crashed on this winding road. both 17-year-old seniors were pronounced dead at the scene. police say speed was a factor. today it will import high school, blowers cover their assigned to chip flowers cover their assigned parking spaces. students say a pall hanging over the high school. the students flocked to the accident scene to share of all leave a tribute or just try to understand what their parents say they cannot begin to fathom. >> the your book is going to come out. how hard is it going to be for the parents to look at that your
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book -- at that yearbook? >> it has certainly been a very hard day. we have seen this repeated over and over again when the students walk up and see this roadside memorial, they break down in tears. ms. kelly had planned to go to frostburg course she was going to play volleyball. brendan colliflower hoped to play baseball. >> there is no word yes on memorial or funeral services for the teenagers. for more on this tragic story and details go to our website compaq -- go to our website, >> a failed bomb plot of ground the anniversary of the death of osama bin laden. it was a more sophisticated
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version of the underwear bomb used in the 2009 attempt. for the first time in months, a rockville man being held captive by al qaeda is seen alive but in dire circumstances. >> my life is in your hands, mr. president. if you accept the demands i live, if you do not accept the demands, then i die. >> warren was kidnapped from his home in pakistan last august. this new video from al qaeda is the first time he has been seen since then. weinstein does not explicitly say what the terrorist group's demands are, but they have set in the past that will release him if the u.s. stocks ground attacks and releases terrorist at guantanamo bay. we will have more coming up at 6:00. >> it was one of the deadly series of events in d.c.
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history, and after more than a week of deliberations, the jury returned mostly guilty verdict today. sam has all this case from the beginning. he is with us now live from the courthouse with the details. >> there was a verdict today. this all started because one of those guys upstairs decided that one of a group of guys outside of a building had stolen his rhinestone bracelets. shooting after shooting after shooting, and a lot of people dead, and today, a verdict. >> as the judge read the charges, the repeated response from the jury foreman was guilty guilty, murder, conspiracy all counts against sanquan carter, orlando carter, jeffrey best, robert bost -- lamar williams was found not guilty on a few accounts, but they were in the orchestrator subway track horrific series of
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crimes, may him in which innocent victims are killed in march 2010 involving his getaway van, this assault rifle in which 14 people were shot, five killed, including teenagers tavon nelson, and to others. -- two others. >> one victim's parents were pleased with the verdict. >> it assures that these evil young men it will never be on the streets to harm anyone else. >> victim william jones is mother was there. >> justice was served. >> this case involved a lot of law enforcement the u.s. attorney, the chief of police. >> no question in my mind. >> jurors did not want to go on camera but expressed similar
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sentiments. >> i do not want people like that out there. >> sentencing is set for september. all the defendants are in their early 20s's and it is likely they will all be much older by the time they get out if they ever get out. sam ford, abc 7 news. >> let's turn now to the weather this evening. >> a mile but overcast monday today. let's see what is in store for the rest of the week. >> early this morning there were a few sprinkles and patches of rain north of washington. now it is a little cloudy. let's give you look at chesapeake bay and northern anne arundel county. some white caps because of the gusty winds, and choppy waters on the rivers and the bay. a lot of cloud, and that is about it. that will change tomorrow.
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a cold front will be moving in and elope -- area of low pressure to the west. all that will consolidate as it pushes eastward. showers and storms looking likely as we head for, but not this evening. 66 in gaithersburg, 70 in the nation's capital. a little bit of sunshine peeking through the clouds. partly cloudy and now, 52-58 degrees. we still need rain, we have not caught up with the deficit since the first of the year. we hope to make some progress on that. we will have the forecast in just a few minutes. >> the search is on tonight for the vehicle responsible for hitting and killing a woman in fairfax county, in what appears to be a road rage incident. tonight we are hearing from a man who says he saw the entire thing, including what started the fight that ended in shelinda arrington's death.
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>> it is because that witness and others around here that fairfax county police say tonight they may have it zeroed in on the suspect vehicle. fairfax county -- fairfax county police ran radar as traffic streamed past the spot where she lost her life. a man who wants to protect his identity has a starling description of what is believed to be road rage tragedy. >> i saw her fly in the air, hit the ground, and the car went around her and kept going. >> the girl who was driving a buick had actually cut him off. >> arrington apparently drunk don't -- jumped on the hood of the suv and was thrown off. >> is there any doubt in your mind that the person knew they may have hurt somebody?
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>> they had to. there was no way she would not know. she was in the middle of both planes, so he had to go around her. everybody else had to go around her. >> her friends say the driver of the suv needs to be found and brought to justice. >> i think it is very mean and cruel. >> it is scary to know that someone as capable of doing such a thing and then not turning themselves in. >> tonight fairfax county police say they are close to identifying that suv and the driver, and possibly filing charges. in the meantime, this neighborhood has been rocked by this situation. local elementary schools in, notice telling parents the had read counselors because a group of young, elementary school kids was walking along the sidewalk on friday morning when this tragedy occurred.
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>> more than a dozen children were hospitalized after a school bus accident in prince george's county. the bus and van collided in fort washington this morning. 12 students on board and the bus driver taken to hospital with minor injuries. the driver of the ban was taken to hospital with critical injuries. >> the university of maryland student was hospitalized over the weekend after being attacked near his dorm. a group of people jumped him near charles all. with finals just around the corner and late nights study sessions, students there are on alert. >> this violent encounter occurred in the quad area behind the. over here is charles hall. police say this was not a robbery, the bad guys did not take anything. instead, they taunted the victim before they beat him. it is almost finals week on the
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un the campus. many students here are thinking about -- on the umd campus . >> just being outside our home is kind of scary. we are taking more precautions especially at night. >> a heightened concerns all the assault of a 19-year-old male student sunday. campus police say the student was walking here along knox wrote towards his dorm about 2:00 a.m. when he encountered a group of about 15 men. three of them followed him and beat him. >> we don't know what would provoke this kind of attack on a student here >> the student, cut and bruised, managed to escape into his dorm. the incident is making many students think twice about their safety. >> you have to think about certain times when you go out. i have always believed in the buddy system. >> police hope to catch an image of the suspect and urge students to be aware and keep updated on e-mail alerts, and be mindful of
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the blue canvas emergency phones. >> i just kind of worry especially when it is right here, so close by. >> some students are also considering buying pepper spray to defend themselves. >> i do not have one, but are probably should get one. >> you can see the have surveillance cameras like this all over campus. we are told the victim was treated and released with cuts and bruises. here is some food for thought. three us also for this year at this school. last year, there were 9 -- 3 assaults so far this year. >> coming up, a child is shot while riding in a car in d.c., and the search is on for the gunman's car. >> more than a dozen people have been exposed to salmonella due to dog food. now recall is on. >> 20,000 bees. see what happened after the
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beekeeper left. >> prince harry is in washington. all the details, like right here from an event.
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>> washington is welcoming royalty to town. >> prince harry spent some time with wounded veterans. he will be honored tonight. >> loss of royal excitement behind me here at the ritz- carlton in washington. security is in place. they have been doing all their last-minute checks here at the hotel. the paparazzi is here. check out the line, the crowd ratings -- waiting here for the red carper arrival to get a glimpse of the prince in just a little bit. all eyes are on the british embassy as prince harry's motorcade pulled sen. royal watchers hope to catch a glimpse of prince harry during his brief stay here in the u.s., although most of his visit was kept private. he spent his monday in d.c. visiting wounded veterans inside the ambassador's residence. >> prince harry is now rumored to be dating his former
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girlfriend disappointing news for the ladies who fantasize about the royal known as the spare to the airheir. >> you see him on tv, and there is all this hype about them. he is really just another person. >> one woman said she crossed paths with him before on a london street, and would love to see him again. >> harry has worked with several charities, including walking with the wounded, and help for heroes. a veteran himself, he is heading back to afghanistan later this year piloting an attack helicopter. tonight he will accept an award the same award won by bono of u2 several years ago. >> you can see the crowd growing, people walking home from work, asking what is going on, who is going to be here?
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they want to be here in time when the prince arrived to officially be awarded this humanitarian award in the next couple of hours. the talks to barrett, abc 7 news. >> take some pictures for us create natash barrett. >> a popular dog food is being linked to a salmonella outbreak. 14 people became infected after handling products from diamond pet food. the dog food was sold in 12 states including maryland and virginia. if you want more information on the dog food recall, just go to our website >> of massachusetts high school students have been suspended -- suspended after posting racist tweets. it is reported to have been suspended from their hockey teams and have lost their leadership post and extracurricular activities. the owners of the capitals and
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bruins have denounced those comments. the capitals have moved on, and tonight is a big move for them. they are up against the rangers at madison square garden. they had a big win at verizon center on saturday. coming up in sports, we will have more on tonight's big game. >> it is a big one. we are all excited. >> whether wyse around here weatherwise, the next couple of days will be interested. clearing and cooler weather, and the for the begin today, the color it gets, but we will take it. we will take the rain and sunshine thursday and friday. these are low moving clouds and gusty winds at the surface which you may have noticed there is very little rain in the area. we did not expect any ran across
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the area tonight. that will come in advance of a cold front. no rain at woodridge today, a high of 76 degrees. the pollen count is high for grass pollen. the trees are still fairly active, moderate range for tree pollen, but that will drop and grass pollen will stay active for quite some time. 74 in fredericksburg quantico at 75. near 70 degrees across the entire area right now, and the southeasterly wind is pretty gusty. these are sustained winds at 30 miles an hour at manassas. 15 miles an hour in annapolis. a little bit on the muddy side, but temperatures are comfortable enough. -- a little bit of themuggy side. 83 in charleston, 80 at
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indianapolis. we will be prohibited from seeing all these temperatures because of the cloud cover. this cold front and storm system, you can see the effects as it develops, hot and humid weather in texas and the deep south. summer has arrived for the lone star state and will stay there for some time. we will get warmer temperatures, but not in the immediate future. the system will be as low developer and slow mover. there will be chances of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night wednesday and wednesday afternoon. it will not be light enough system that everybody gets wet. -- it will not be a wide enough system it will slowly work its way through the area wednesday
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and clearing skies and drier air most notably will move in for thursday and friday and possibly into the weekend. check out the express forecast, 61 degrees and partly cloudy skies late tonight. overnight, partly cloudy and hazy. partly sunny and 71 by midday. as we head through the afternoon, we will warm into the upper 7's with increasing chances of showers and storms. clear skies thursday and friday, and the weekend looks good. that is my mother's day gift, a beautiful day. >> you cannot get away with that. >> time to announce six of our 16 finalist in our car give away. >> if you have 30 minutes to call us to qualify, and we will
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announce another finalist coming up tomorrow. >> everybody else out there, you still have time to enter to win a new ford fiesta and $3,000 in cash. you can enter everyday and get two additional entries for yourself by sharing the info. we will select the winner from 15 finalist later this month. >> coming up, a super hero movie does super numbers at the box office. could write more records? -- could it break more records? >> i did not see anything new. i just went with what i knew and what i liked. >> why do we buy the things we buy at the grocery store? it turns out, it is all in the eyes. >> the people who live here don't know why but this home is invaded by a swarm of bees.
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>> bees suarez home in d.c., forcing out the residence. >> a beekeeper came to the rescue but the bees returned. >> in the middle of northwest washington this neighborhood is known for its rose bushes, and where you find roses, you'll likely find these.
5:26 pm
it is fair to say that this pale blue house in the middle of 3rd street has had more than its fair share of these especially this weekend. >> at one point they were swirling it looked like a big tornado of leaves. >> you could hear the buzzing really loudly, even from inside the house. >> lauren says her roommates went to the house on saturday and could not get in the front door. neighbors took pictures . >> it was terrifying. >> scott called police. he lives two doors down. >> they had to call the landlord to call somebody to come and take care of it. >> brian lives next door and he said the owner exterminated a nest of these in the home last summer. >> lauren says that the beekeeper told her there were as many as 20,000 bees in and around her home. by the time the exterminator left, the bees were gone, at least that is what everyone thought.
5:27 pm
>> if somebody goes there to pick up the newspaper they are going to get it. >> when we showed up there today, hundreds and maybe thousands of bees were their swarming again. >> we are not staying at the house for now. >> we do not know what is attracting them, but we know there's something here they really like, because once again they are back. >> can you imagine that? >> meaghan they just take the suburbs. -- maybe they just hate the suburbs. >> chrysler recalled thousands of vehicles. find out which cars are involved. >> " open fire on a young mother at and her daughter and why?
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. >> a child is shot overnight in the district, and as a search is on for the gunman. >> the girl was writing in her family vehicle on york avenue when a car drove up an open fire. >> this had to be frightening. police tell us that little girl is not quite 10 years old yet and why it happened is still a
5:31 pm
big question mark. >> the stretch where the shooting happened only adds to the minister could police say about 3:30 in the morning this pickup truck was traveling near the intersection when a white vehicle pulled up alongside an open fire. three shots, and one of the bullets struck the little girl in the left side. it is disturbing news. >> i think it is terrible. she was just sitting in the car. they were just innocent bystanders more than likely. >> it could have been us. >> please tillis the woman driving the truck was the little girl's mother. she drove to the police station for help. neighbors said they feel for her, she had to be terrified. >> something has to be done about this. >> just like that happen to those folks, like my husband said, it could happen to us.
5:32 pm
it is a chance that you take being in this city. >> investigators do not have much to go on. the car was an unknown make white vehicle with adults in it. texted you have any information, police want to hear from you. there is a little bit of a -- a little bit of good news, the little girl's entry is described as a graze the cracks the metro transit officer is being sued all claims of police fatality. the alleged victim says it started when she criticized the officer for not letting her and her friends ride the metro. she said the officer tackled her to the ground, restrain her for three minutes, telling her to stop resisting. the alleged victim says she never resisted the officer and was falsely arrested. >> a handful of drunken-driving lawsuits are being settled.
5:33 pm
this said the conviction or based on flawless in the breath test equipment. the charge the equivalent was not properly calibrated and the continued to rely on the scores even after they knew the machines were wrong. >> two honor roll students from williamsport high school who had just boarded dating are dead after a poor -- after laurell crash on prom night. both were talented athletes. police say speed was a factor in that wreck. czech for more than a week of deliberations, the jury in a south capitol street murder trial returns mostly guilty verdicts today. the verdict showed that 05 men were the orchestrator of a series of crimes in 2010 involving this getaway van and this assault rifle. 14 people were shot, piper killed. >> rollout the red carpet. prince harry is in town of -- 14
5:34 pm
rashad, five were killed. -- 14 earshot. >> prince harry is a veteran himself and he is headed back to afghanistan this year to pilot an attack helicopter. coming up on world news, a closer look at the al qaeda video that shows an american hostage from maryland, still alive. i talked with diane sawyer -- diane sawyer. >> i know you are following this closely. >> alison, coming up, we have been talking to experts about the tatepe. that will be part of what we have tonight. >> on a different note, we hear so much these days about gluten free foods. it sounds like everyone is taking notice, even fast-food restaurants. >> no kidding. pizza chains are now delivering a tomblin free pizza. there is gloom and free beer and out there.
5:35 pm
but does it make everybody healthy eric -- there is gluten- free beer. >> we look forward to seeing you, as always. ketchikan loss of those stories and more tonight on world news, right here after abc 7 news at 6:00. >> we went robert e. lee high school in springfield today and we talked to the sophomores there. we talked about the importance of paying attention behind the wheel, buckling up, and leaving your cellphone behind. we also talked about that traffic accident in williamsport, which is a harsh reminder of just how dangerous driving can be at this time of year for these teenage drivers. if you would like our drive to stay alive program to come and visit your school, just visit let's check on the traffic situation. >> heading southbound on 395
5:36 pm
and then on 295 southbound. 66 westbound also, heading toward 50. the big problems will be the inner and outer lives of the beltway especially across the american legion bridge. a very slow go on the inner loop. new democracy boulevard, it was still in that center lane. also seeing delays pass the care at university boulevard. it looks like the crash has been cleared and traveling should be open. >> thank you very much. coming up, a major settlement after a drug approved for seniors -- for seizures was being wrongfully prescribe to elderly patients. >> why the "avengers" broke the
5:37 pm
bank this weekend. >> you see a live picture here of how the roads look, but what is the worst commute you could have in the nation? we will have ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wall can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions.
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>> a record-breaking weekend at the box office, thanks to a gang of super heroes. >> are on super hero joins us project our own super hero joins us through >> i have spandex on. what a weekend. "the avengers" brought in more than $207 million in the u.s.. it sets up a historic year at the movies. if you like "iron man" or " captain america," you probably love "the avengers." scarlett johansson adds black widow, a strong female
5:41 pm
character. jeremy renner wields a mean bow and arrow, arrow marksruffalo the something no other character could, he actually makes the incredible hulk interesting. proline samuel l. jackson, and you have the biggest opening weekend in history, bigger than the harry potter for now last year, even bigger than the " hunger games" this year. 2012 looks like one for the books, the comic books. what is next? certainly "the avengers 2" and a review of the incredible hulk. one more change noted in all this the super heroes carry the day which is a good sign for
5:42 pm
the good guys. quite a weekend, and i am surprised. >> did you think this is going to last for a while? >> i think the secret was that made all these movies, they had "iron man" and "captain america" and then they stop them all together in one movie. they are calling it "ocean's eleven" in spandex. >> michael phelps has some big news after the london olympics. >> a grocery store like you have never been before. it h ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> we take you behind the scenes of the high-tech way food makers figure out of consumers will actually buy their products. >> researchers are using your eyes to get into the minds of
5:46 pm
shoppers. >> walking these aisles, you think your in a grocery store but here, your every move is being watched from cameras above. >> it helps us understand how people make choices between the brands they buy. >> that is information food makers are paying big bucks to get. john runs a market research firm that operates three labs, in los angeles, chicago and new york. observing customers is just the start. >> i just went with what i knew and what i liked . >> i feel like i am on autopilot when i go to the store. >> the question is, how do we break through that autopilot? >> shoppers use glasses that track exactly where they are i it is -- exactly where their
5:47 pm
eyes go. >> it puts you exactly in the real environment to see which to pick up and leave with pay >> to understand why a shopper walks past all these paper tells and picked one. >> i do not like to buy huge packs, because i don't have a lot of space in my house. >> you can believe map like this one showing what got noted and what did not. infrared technology maps exactly where your eyes go. this photoflash test shows an image for 1/16 of a second. while they cannot perfectly predict which it will do when you cruise the aisles, it is a good bet were the eyes go, the wallet follows.
5:48 pm
>> it would be interesting to see what the kids would see. we are also on your side tonight with a major car recall. chrysler is recalling more than 127,000 dodge chargers and chrysler 300's. the problem surfaced while testing a police car. >> the 2012 summer olympics will be michael phelps' last year and he says he plans to retire after the summer games in london. it currently has 16 olympic medals. he earned eight of those in the 2008 olympics. he can win three medals this summer he will retire as the most decorated olympic athlete ever p. >> nine teenagers from across the country battle it out in a japanese team tournament. the contestants visited the white house and had a chance to
5:49 pm
see some of the most iconic monuments and memorials down at the national mall. you can see the footage that was shot here tonight at 7:30. >> the season finale of " castle" is on tonight. beckett it pulled back into investigating her mother's murder. >> why is the thief dead? >> it is on tonight at 10:00 after a two-hour "dancing with the stars." >>, gordon peterson is live in the newsroom. >> tonight, the white house and friends of a maryland man being held hostage are reacting to new video released over the weekend. we will have the latest on his plea to president obama, coming up and about 10 minutes.
5:50 pm
it is the latest accommodation of boeing, the 787 streamliner. it is in the area tonight on display. you will see what makes this aircraft special. we will have those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> you might need a 787 if you want to see the sun today. >> a little bit gloomy today. we had a low clouds around. just kind of a parade of clouds, a little break now and then. that has been the pattern here. showers and storms coming, but the sun will come back. 70 degrees right now reagan national airport 73 in fredericksburg 67 in annapolis. the area of showers building up north, but most notably those to
5:51 pm
the west will be a slow developing, slow-moving cold front, and that will give us a chance of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. things will brighten up in the sunshine will return. the future cash shows the changes coming our way. very warm with a chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms. the same thing wednesday, and finally wednesday night things start to change with some dry air returning. cooler conditions as we head into the mother's day weekend., or online home and if you missed the super moon, there will be another one in june. >> very good. >> the capitals are going to put of onlipitor before this is over. >> garrido again. the capitals are in new york tonight to play the rangers. the teams are tied at two games apiece in the best of seven
5:52 pm
series. if you work at madison square gardens, you would think the capsules had the advantage. >> it is fun. you kind of expected, especially if you have been here before. it is just a fun atmosphere to be in. you always want to make a big play for your team to help win. you have to create as much as you can picrates madison square garden's fun? i don't know. jason werth had surgery on a broken wrist today. he is expected to miss at least 12 weeks. >> the first pitch he threw to the rookie last night. the gm said it was a crackdown on bounties in the nfl, and that the baseball commissioner
5:53 pm
better act on this. today he did. in case you missed it, mike shanahan said that rg 3 is the redskins' starter. how quickly can robert ritchie grow up? the rookie finished a three-day minicamp and now they will all come together next monday with the veterans which will be another big adjustment for the rookie. believe it when i say he passed this weekend with flying colors, was extremely competent and poise throughout the entire weekend. >> he always seems to say the right thing. it is like he meant to say it all along. >> coming up next compaq -- >> what i'm more of an absentee
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>> the justice department came down hard on a pharmaceutical company that officials say was preying on the elderly. >> candace gibson joins us from our newsroom now. >> this started with an anonymous phone call. it was virginia's medical fraud cost center. this is an elder abuse case. to push and effective medication to a population particularly vulnerable to the medication. >> that medication was depakote. officials with the department of justice a for nearly a decade, the drug was wrongfully marketed and illegally prescribed to elderly patients to treat schizophrenia and dementia. the news came as no surprise to many seniors. >> not really no. there are just people and companies that will do that. >> the justice department
5:58 pm
settled the case today with its parent company, abbott labs. the pharmaceutical company will pay $1.50 million while pleading guilty to miss branding the drug. >> $1.50 billion is a lot of money. it will hurt when abbott writes that check to the federal treasury. it should hurt. >> there are no deaths reported, but several seniors across the country to suffer severe dehydration and exhaustion as a result. >> if there is one there has to be more. >> it should not be allowed, but obviously it goes on. i do not think it is an isolated situation. i think it is prevalent in most industries. >> the justice department said the company went to the extent of paying off pharmacists and in some cases nursing homes to get the drugs to its clients. >> that is it now for abc 7 news at 5:00.
5:59 pm
we will check in now for abc 7 news at 6:00. >> live and in hd, this is a abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. >> good evening. our big story, a maryland man's plea to president obama from halfway around the world. next american hostage warren weinstein saying he would be killed unless america agrees to his -- agrees to al qaeda's demands. jennifer is following tonight's top story from rockville. >> the stated firm says it is working to validate the video. as for one son was a family, he has a wife and two daughters. there is no word from them yet. >> my life is in your hands, mr. president. >> warren weinstein


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